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Pool Party Theme Ideas for Poolside Enjoyment.

Today's pool owners are taking full advantage of their investment by creating a new part of their lifestyle around the pool. Below are some ideas for pool party theme ideas you can use to host and entertain with just a little preparation and planning. *Don't forget to keep your pool in tip-top shape with our various services that keep your pool, and landscaping, beautiful and clear year-round.*


January - Beat the Blues by the Pool or Spa!

Once the hectic holidays are over, most people are feeling a little "blue" in mid to late January. Why not try a progressive pool party? Like a progressive dinner, a few (or more) families join together and each host a part of the evening ... from munchies to main meals to coffee and dessert, everyone shares in the planning, the costs, AND the "beat the blues" fun!


February - For Cupid's Couples Only


Three white candles beside a pool.

Candlelight, music, dinner, and beverage ... a perfect date for couples to share a romantic evening by the pool or spa. Whether you celebrate Cupid before or after February 14, create a heartfelt night for one couple or many.... and don't forget to enjoy the midnight swim -- a perfect end to a perfect pool date!


March - St. Patty's Days Extravaganza

Throwing an Irish-themed party, especially on St. Patrick's Day, means going green. You can do this with decorations that are as cheap or expensive as you like: Green streamers set the mood if you're on a budget; if you have more green to spend, go all out with green light bulbs in your lamps, green party favors, green helium balloons, and shamrock-shaped party lights. Light your pool with green LED lights! Gold-foil-wrapped chocolate coins and Lucky Charms cereal make for festive table decorations - as well as great snacks. Fill bowls or vases with them to dress up your party.

Also, find a big rock (or make one out of Styrofoam or paper-mâché) to be your Blarney Stone. Position it near the door so people can kiss it when they enter. Since legend has it that kissing the actual stone is supposed to give the kisser the gift of eloquence and persuasiveness, you're bound to have more interesting party chatter if guests pucker up as they arrive.


Cherry Blossom Party


Three flower shaped candles, lit, and surrounded by cherry blossoms.

A Cherry Blossom party is a great excuse to infuse bold colors - red, black, and white - into your Springtime party. Cherry blossoms herald Spring and again, are a great backdrop to a party devoted to the coming of warmer weather. To throw a party focused on cherry blossoms, anything with an Asian feel will work. Paper lanterns, bright red table runners, faux cherry blossom sprigs from Joann Fabrics, mini cherry blossom lotions from Bath & Body Works as party favors, and of course foods and drinks with cherries are all great ways to bring the theme alive. Float cherry blossoms and candles in your pool or hang lanterns over the pool for a dramatic effect.


April Fool's Party!

Another classic holiday (but much more volatile) is April Fool’s Day; a great excuse to throw a party this Spring, and the party ideas for this wacky day are endless. Some party ideas for a party devoted to mischief, trickery, and fun: Have your guests come in outfits that are completely the opposite of their personality, have someone play the literal “Fool” a la Renaissance Faire style at your event (and have them tease your guests throughout the night), or have a Mad Hatter-themed party for that special tinge of craziness.


Earth Day Party

With the entire world trying to be more green than ever before, an Earth Day-themed Party is about the best party you could throw. For a spectacular Earth Day party, here are some fun ideas to really bring out the theme of conservation and protecting the environment: Turn old Christmas cards into party invitations for your party, ask your guests to bring only locally-produced food and drinks, have your guests brings their own cup to save on buying anything disposable, and even send your guests home with a list of local curbside recycling services. Float earth-decorated beach balls in your pool!


Cinco de Mayo!


A cedar fence with Cinco De Mayo decorations.

Let the warmth and friendliness of Mexico inspire your Cinco de Mayo party decorations. Choose streamers, balloons, and other decorations in bright, happy colors like pink and orange, and drape chairs and sofas with authentic serapes (blankets). Line your entryway with tiny potted cacti, or if it's an evening affair, use farolitos (made with votives, sand, and paper bags) to add drama. You should have lots of colorful flowers, including some to tuck behind your guests' ears.


Mother's Day Party

Flowers, flowers, flowers. Not sure what kinds your mom likes? Choose blooms in her favorite colors, or select the flowers she used in her wedding bouquet. Potted flowers dress up both outdoor and indoor spaces and make a great gift for Mom after the party. Instead of place cards, use "vintage" (no one likes to be thought of as old!) photos of your guests and place them in decorative frames. These, too, can serve as party favors. If your mom is the traditional type, set a formal table with nice china, cloth napkins, and even finger bowls. Just fill shallow bowls with lukewarm water and add a lemon slice for this retro-fancy touch. Got a more laid-back, modern mom? Create a spa-like retreat with soft lighting, candles, and bowls of fruit. Float flowers and candles in your pool for added ambiance.